IGenesiis Group is establishing a startup pre-incubator community platform for innovative entrepreneurs (innopreneurs) with the best minds and hearts. IGenesiis’s innovative operating model is inspired by a community-based system that has been discovered to work across cultures and industries, a new system proven to create tremendous value in the Silicon Valley in the recent few years.
IGenesiis’s own community platform is composed of experienced startup founders, C-suite professionals, and angel investors that have come together to provide the proper insights and resources to help future founders of IGenesiis thrive. Through a series of immersive courses, empowering mentorship tailored to each student’s capabilities, and valuable resources derived from the greater social group, IGenesiis helps founders transform their conceptual “0”s to substantial “1”s and launch their sustainable, impactful business visions.
Thus far, IGenesiis has built a community of 40 mentors and has successfully launched 2 innopreneur cohorts.