Onafriq is Africa’s largest digital payments networks. The company is currently focused on expanding the use of its solution and range of its customers by connecting mobile money platforms, money transfer organizations, banks, e-commerce platforms, and other financial institutions. As of October 2023, Onafriq covers over 40 countries in Africa and has connected over 500 million users and was designated by “Fast Company” as one of the Most Innovative Companies in Africa.

MFS Africa announced its rebranding to Onafriq on November 1st, 2023. The inspiration behind the new name, Onafriq, stems from the fusion of several powerful words: “Ona”, the Yoruba word for pathways and the French word for Africa, Afrique – plus a nod to IQ, signalling MFS Africa’s commitment to being the smartest game in African fintech. Onafriq also calls to mind the idea of One Africa, an interconnected borderless continent where access unlocks greater potential. The founder and CEO of the company, Dare Okoudjou, said: “From the get-go, my goal was to build a payment infrastructure that touches every corner of Africa and that lasts for over 100 years. My hope is that we get to do that and that we get to make borders truly matter less.” Overcoming barriers by connecting all Africans to opportunity. To each other. To the global digital economy. To more ways. To better ways. To prosperity.